Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So when my world turns upside down, I turn it right back over and pray for the greatest
but look foward to the best. What a pleasurale day that I had today. Normal school day and

all, but gee, I must of had a pretty super sleep because I felt fab ;D hehe. Would like to say
that in ethics today, I HUGELY hated the fact that scientists do animal testing. (Although
I already knew that) Nasty little buggers out there. If I ruled the world, I would grab all you animal
torturers and do it all back to you. You have no sympathy and don't know how much you're
actually physically hurting that poor animal. Animal cruelty is my strongest weakness. Why not
test it on actual humans that would like to die? you would solve two problems there. Get rid of
people that don't want to live etc and let poor, helpless animals free.
I think i'm just not that inportant anymore.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I wish you didn't go for such a pig headed jerk.
He treats you like crap, he doesn't even go out with you yet he still manages
to control your feelings and upsetting you. He says he has feelings for his ex, but we catch him on the bus with his
ex before her and then he doesn't know what to say.. except, "we're just friends, don't get the wrong idea :(" So why is
she wearing a dress that is short and it's freezing and raining cold outside? uhh I think we all know why she was wearing it.
He has a million girls after him. He even flirts with them every single day.. Everyone sees. How can he have the guts
to say that he likes you? truly how can he?
C'mon girl, wake up. Don't go for a loser like him, He's a fag that doesn't deserve

someone as perfect as you. You're amazing and beautiful, you could get alot better
than him.