Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I can't believe what's happened. The pain that you put me through
and put all my neighbours and friends and Dylan through. It was atrocious.
No really it was, who the fuck grabs a girl by the collar in front of broad
daylight and slams her against some randoms fence, but not only that,
then grabs her head and smashes it into the concrete path and then
fucking punches her in the head?! what the fuck?
what kind of fucking disgusting monster are you? I fucking dumped you

because you're a psycho and everyone knew I could do better. It took me over 2
complete years before I fully sore it for myself. I'm disappointed in myself that
I wasted SO much time on thinking you would change for me because you loved
me.. But I guess for you it was a different type of love..... unfortunately.
-I really did fall for you and i really loved and adored you, it tore me apart to let you
go. Of course it would. What the fuck am I supposed to do now? seriously why
would you do this to me? You have actually sizzled my insides up and I feel
like throwing them all up in your direct face. Goddamn, I'm thankful that I met
Dylan. He's mature and a better man then you were.