Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm sick of crying and trying to act like i'm ok. I want to be happy again and enjoy having butterflies flutter in and out of my tummy. If only everything was easy, but it isn't. I duno how to cope with being on my own beacause for two years of my life I havn't been on my own. And now it's scary, literally i'm scared of being on my own because I havn't learnt to grow the fuck up and move the fuck on. I can't un-do these fucking laces to these dam shoes, they won't come off. How can I step out of these shoes and into brand new ones? i can't. Not just yet.


  1. It will be hard but over time you will say him who?? I can tell you all the things you could do to feel better but at first it will be hard and like hell but you just have to learn how to find better!

  2. try doing it after 4 years babe, it's hard as hell. its like being locked up for four years then you get let out and everythings changed and you dont know what to do or how to handle situations. it's hard, but i'm here for you if you need me cause i know how hard it all is. it gets better in time, trust me :) i've never been happier. once all the hard stuffs over, its good. x