Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Man, I feel so sorry for you..
I wanted to say something : /,
but it wasn't really my business I do want to say that
 I hope you're ok and even if we aren't tight or good
friends, I want to say that I hope you really are ok. 
You will do fine and honestly, you're so beautiful : ).
So don't dwell on it all, you'll be ok : )


  1. this made me cry.. well i'm still crying.. lol.. fml, but this is good cos i refused to let it upset me until now haha.. :( i'll be okay. thankyou babe xox

  2. awww, i really hope you're ok : )
    I didn't mean to walk in when you girls were talking.. :/ I felt kinda bad so I went quickly lol. I was so tempted to say something though, but I just thought maybe i'll leave you 2 alone to talk.. But honestly hun, I hope you're ok : ) xo you can get through it, i just know you can : ) xoxo

  3. :) i wouldn't have minded if you did say something haha, everybody else has :P but that was really sweet of you. i know i can get through it too.. i have before.. just knowing that i'm not going back there is kinda scary though, but it's also a bit exciting :) thankyou heaps love xo

  4. Mmm yea, I do understand, it's not like you can just drop it and just live on like it never occured.. cause i'm sure he was special to you and i'm sure there were many amazing things you both did together : ), but I truly do hope you both continue to be close and maintain a good relationship.. maybe it mightent be a love kind of one, but it could be friends :) it would be a shame to let it all go for good hun. xo : )