Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm older now

Everything's just alcohol, drugs, boys, and sex in my age group.
I miss the imignation i used to have when i was little.
I miss how we used to climb trees and pretend that they
were our homes or cages where the "baddies" captured us.
I often think about you and your brother, you guys were
best friends to me. We used to play everyday on your tramp
and even in your paddling pool. I used to stay for dinner and
often stay the night. I remember under the deck you had
this concrete hole thing and we used to pretend to make
potion in it with the spikes that came off your big pine tree.
I remember when I moved away and I came and visited
every now and then. You guys were lonely and sad when
I left and I wish I never had to, I wish that I could've stayed
there with you guys and played after school all the time like
we always did. It hurt me, it was like I had lost the most
understanding people that knew me from the heart. It's days
like these that I wish I was a little girl again, where problems
meant nothing and boys were just a feeling that didn't
evolve into anything, where drugs didn't get the best of
your friends and where sex didn't even cross your mind..
I hope you're doing well and you've still got the same spirit
that you once carried.

Love Ferny xo

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