Sunday, April 11, 2010

I hate any kind of animal cruelty.
I think it's so fucking horrible and I think that
the people that treat animals with such disrespect
are horrible. How can you put an animal through
so much distress and watch it hurt? how can you
come out feeling like you're so strong and manly for
killing it or making it so weak? that to me is sooo
mean it upsets me to the max. I hate to see or hear
an animal that's been tortured in such a serene way.


  1. yea i do, but that's only because it doesn't look anywhere near an animal and i don't know which part of the body it's from etc cause it looks compleeeetly different. But, if it did look like an animal, then i wouldn't. I don;t like sea food,it smeels too much like the sea. :/