Friday, April 30, 2010

Do you really want to know the truth?
well yea i do get self concious :( i do get those thoughts of not
feeling good enough or not feeling pretty or having a nice figger.
I do get upset and i do criticize myself and pick faults in me :(.
Yea it really gets me down. But i can't help it..


  1. man girl, you're absolutely stunning. &your figure is to die for, so don't be feeling down :)
    you asked if i went out with Bradley Southwood, i did and i do ;p we sorted things out wednesday night (had a huge cry together lol!) and it's been really good so far :) xx

  2. Aww, I didn't expect that but thankyou Kaitlyn : ) that helped. x

    Oh see, he was in my technology class in maidstone lol d;. For a year. Was annoying but then was funny. I thought it was him lol. :)
    But that's good bub, i'm happy for you 2! ;)x