Thursday, April 22, 2010

Despite your disability, I want to say; 'thankyou to you' for really making my day brighten up. You really poured your heart into telling me who you really were and you weren't afraid to say that you get bullied and that you suffer from a learning disability. You weren't afraid if I was to turn around and judge you for it, like people already do. I would never judge you for being different. Because at some stage in our life we all know what it feels like to be different and to suffer from something horrible, but I think that if you can make one person smile and really inspire their day, i believe they feel so much better inside, ways that would probably suprise you. I believe that no matter how dull and boring and maybe to some insignificant you may be, I think you're absolutely inspiring and I think the way you approach people with something that means alot to you, is really beautiful.


  1. aww this is nice whos it about? :P xx

  2. I don't wana say names but i'll tell you sometime at school hun :)